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About us

INNOVATION LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of medical consumables.

The priority direction of production activity is a one-time package for the collection and disposal of medical waste in accordance with Sanitary and Epidemiological Regulations and SanPin Regulations.

The geography of sales is the territory of the Russian Federation. Our products are used in treatment and prevention institutions from Kaliningrad to Magadan. For many years of production activity, we have proven ourselves as a conscientious Supplier and Manufacturer of quality products. We process more than 150 tons of polyethylene pellets per month. We have developed qualitatively new solutions to ensure the safe collection of medical waste.

We continuously work on the range of products, improve the quality of products and introduce new units of goods into the assortment.

Choosing us, you will receive a product of high quality in the shortest possible time, competent advice and a reliable friend, and partner in one person.

For acquaintance with the priority of our company, please go to the following links:

1) Expendable medical material for collection and disposal of medical waste www.medutil.ru

2) Containers for collecting and transporting biological material www.biobanka.ru

3) Manufacture of disposable shoe covers and shoe covers’ material www.netsleda.ru

4) Household products www.hozproekt.ru

Our advantages

Withstands a load of 180 kg

Material: polyethylene and spunbond

А pocket for documents is present

Authorization documents